Xicago (New LP)
$ 19.99

Label: Sonic Octopus Records

"Amid the industry-changing arch of COVID-19, Chicago’s ÉSSO Afrojam Funkbeat faced the growing challenges associated with performing and releasing new music during a pandemic. Having completed the follow up to their critically acclaimed 2017 album JUNTOS, the band was set to release and tour their new record XICAGO in 2020. However, the reverberating paradigm shift of the music and performance industry quickly challenged artists to find creative release approaches online."

"To that end, ÉSSO decided to handle the release of their new album differently from past productions. “We’ve decided to release one song per month until we're ready to drop the full album,” said ESSO’s frontman and producer, Armando Pérez. “Each new song will have a specific intention and an online video component included with each release. It’s a different world for performers right now and we're hoping to make our new work available over time with a sensitivity to this new musical landscape and environment - locally and globally.” - SS