Torture (New 12")
$ 15.99

Label: L.I.E.S.

L.I.E.S. Records boss, Ron Morelli, makes a rare appearance on his own label with a new limited edition "promo only" 12 inch.

While some may be familiar with his gnarled techno releases on such labels as Hospital Productions and BITE, this new release reaches back to the early days of his L.I.E.S. Records works, where artists such as Steve Summers, Delroy Edwards, Traxx, and Svengalisghost banded together digging into the raw core of original Chicago and New York dance music, using these early sounds for inspiration and turning them upside down.

On this release, Morelli gets back to his aforementioned roots, with stripped-down methods of classic dance music production, he constructs his own blueprint, creating emotional, strong songs for djs to play. Simply put, these are functional, yet carefully assembled House tracks that move the floor.

The four track 12 inch contains two different mixes of both "Ron's Torture" and "Gun Smoke". Savvy fans of the old Chicago sound will undoubtedly recognize the nod in the title track "Ron's Torture" while "Gun Smoke" takes a more early-90s approach in its composition, with blasting 909 snares driving the song forward and anthemic strings glueing it together. These two cuts are just a small taste of what's to come in the not so distant future from Morelli's upcoming full length.

His new double lp "Heart Stopper" which will be released in Spring 2023, serves as a continuation of his vision, and with it Morelli moves onward creating music that he wants to hear while at the same time keeping the forgotten spirit of true dance music alive.