This Great Midwestern Darkness (New LP)
$ 24.99

Label: Ear Trumpet Recordings

"Collected and composed from 2+ years of improvisations and "digging in the dirt" of a lifetime living in the midwest of the U.S. TGMD offers a pause to witness, imagine, and drift in present time. From the ethereal piano and muted beats of the opening track
"O Marfa, Oh" (inspired by a solo pilgrimage to Marfa and the work of Donald Judd), on through to "Mountain", recorded and captured in Colorado (between unfortunate falls from bicycle traveling fast downhill ha). At turns both quiet and shimmering
("Sacrament"); to powerful and heavy ("How Many Days"). The title track encapsulates a feeling and nudge to beauty, that rests in geography: a place of mind, a place of being."