The Wire 378 (August 2015)
$ 9.99
"The Wire Tapper 38, our latest anthology of underground music will be on the cover of every copy, ensuring the issue will be scooped up by the maximum of discerning music fans. On the cover: Ashtray Navigations (Phil Todd's slime-surfing DIY outfit have been reverberating for 21 years, a constant presence in Yorkshire's ever-bubbling psych underground); Bristol UFOs (As guitarist David Pearce returns after 15 years in the wilderness with a new Flying Saucer Attack album, he and members of Movietone, Crescent and Third Eye Foundation tell the story of the West Country's cosmic reverse); The Primer: Yorkshire Psychedelia (Frances Morgan takes a trip through the essential catalogue of Ashtray Navigations and fellow seekers Vibracathedral Orchestra, Astral Social Club and more); Ornette Coleman (AB Spellman recalls his encounters with the late saxophonist in New York in the 1960s); Global Ear: Lodz (Confrontational music replaces heavy industry in the Polish city); Invisible Jukebox: Mark Perry (The ATV Frontman and Sniffin' Glue founder says "You bastard" to The Wire's mystery record selection)."