The Fastest Way To Become The Ocean (New 10")
$ 12.99

Label: Serein

The Chicago based Colorlist is comprised of crossover jazz duo Charles Rumback and Charles Gorczynski. Both multi-instrumentalists, Rumback mans percussion, bells and melodica, while Gorczynski plays saxophone, numerous woodwind instruments, synthesizers and harmonium.

'The Fastest Way To Become The Ocean' is a four track EP recorded especially for Serein. Once again joined by collaborators, the EP features guitarist Jeff Parker of Tortoise on 'Nine Lives' (A2), while Liz Payne lends vocals and melodica to the closing track, 'What We Have Left' (B2). The tracks were mixed by long-time Colorlist cohort, Josh Eustis.

released April 5, 2011

Charles Rumback: Drums, Bells, Melodica, Lyrics
Charles Gorczynski: Woodwinds, Synths, Harmonium
Jeff Parker: Guitar (Nine Lives)
Liz Payne: Vocals, Melodica (What We Have Left)