Spirit Tamer (New LP)
$ 18.99

Label: Fire Talk

"Mia Joy has had music in her bones her entire life. Raised in a spiritual home to Musician and Poet parents, Mia Rocha has been singing since she was a baby (“My mom said I used to sing myself to sleep. I would fall asleep listening to my CD player” she recalls) and joined the Chicago Children’s Choir at a young age. Mia Joy’s brand of ethereal pop is equally indebted to 90s R&B Icons such as Sade and Selena as to the ethereal ambient compositions of Grouper. “I bought my loop pedal because it's the same loop pedal that Liz Harris of Grouper had. I just spent my college check on it.” Spirit Tamer, Mia Joy’s debut record out on Fire Talk on May 7th 2021, draws influences from both: emotive synth pop (“Haha”, “See Us”) and yearning meditative interludes that trace the peripheral edges between tracks. The album title comes from a poem Joy wrote long ago (“writing was my first love”), and the melding of her creative upbringing interweaves a sonic history that unfolds as Joy herself attempts to piece together the fractured pieces that shape growing up and growing into your own skin..."