Soul Is My Salvation Vol. 4 (New CS)
$ 12.99

Label: Record Breakin'

Strictly analog no digital

From garage sales, to dollar bins, from flea markets to record fairs Tone B. Nimble has returned with the fourth installment of Soul Is My Salvation. A series dedicated to the Disco, Soul and Funk sounds of the church. Initially introduced as an online stream; we’ve thrown time back. Volume 2 and 3 was only released on cassette tape and sold out quickly. Once again for Volume 4, you’ll need an old-school cassette player boom-box to hear this set, released exclusively on a limited-edition cassette via Record Breakin’ Music.

Consisting of over 60 minutes of mid-tempo modern soul grooves, as well as upbeat soul, funk, disco, and even house grooves. For the purest out there, Tone records this mix in one take; using all vinyl on a rotary mixer….Amen