Signals In My Head (New LP)
$ 25.99

Label: Planet Mu

"DJ Manny is both known and unknown. Despite being firmly embedded within the Footwork elite and being regarded by many as a DJ's DJ, Manny has yet to receive the kind of attention his peers have. His joyous new album for Planet Mu "Signals In My Head" is set to alter that for good.

Born in March 1990 in Chicago but raised in Robbins/Harvey, IL, Manuel Gaines first encountered Juke/Footwork before he was 10 years old while out with his brother at a party he was too young to be at. Dancing became a big thing for him, then throwing parties, then meeting Rashad and DJ Spinn when he was in middle school, then making his first recordings at his cousin Jonathan's house (R.I.P.) using FL Studios. His first release "Kush On Deck" came about in 2010 with DJ Rashad's help, when he was already a ten year veteran of the scene..."