My heart's in my hand, and my hand is pierced, and my hand's in the bag, and the bag is shut, and my heart is caught, and the bag is shut... (New 2LP)
$ 35.99

Condition: New

Label: Shady Lane Productions

Release Date: 8/21/2015

Catalog #: SLP 011LP

No doubt this is one of the most creative concepts for an album released in 2015! A collection of both texts and audio from a free phone booth at a "survival station for the homeless" (formally known as Gulliver based in Cologne, Germany), Phil Collins collab'd with guests of this establishment and provided free unlimited local and international calls on the condition these conversations would be recorded. He then selected material to serve as inspiration for original songs and sent them to a wide range of international artists. The final product was released on multiple 7"s and presented in listening booths overlooking Cologne's central train station. This is killer work pressed on dual 140-gram colored LP's including a 24 page 400-gram booklet, an extract from the original phone conversations, images of the 7"s and photos of the Gulliver center.