Mirages (New 2LP)
$ 19.99

Condition: New

Label: Kranky

Release Date: 09/27/2004

Catalog #: Krank181LP

"Tim Hecker's latest full length, Mirages, is a lesson of darkness, a midnight whisper revealing its true essence to the listener: an ambient-death-metal classic in waiting. Taking inspiration from Italian partigiani and the counter attack of the anti-Vichyists, Hecker has issued a salvo against all tourists of melancholy; from trustafarian pseudo-leftists to the Ikea nihilists of the boboist rive droite. While some artists seem eager to explore new age or 'organic' solutions to electronic music, Hecker solves the Rubik's cube and penetrates the liquid magma, revealing the truths of dirty sodium light pollution, love on the rocks, and tooth hunting in the garden of evil. With its motifs of eroticism and torture, militancy, and ecstatic pain, Mirages also points backwards towards the Viking penchant for fighting and feasting. Don't be mistaken by insufficient musical descriptors: it is also surprisingly tender, like the fresh skin of a new lover. Indeed, Hecker demonstrates a penchant for the romantic by drawing in a den of noteworthy interlocutors into this work, including fellow Montréalers le Fly Pan Am, Christof Migone, David Bryant, as well as his Australian compatriot Oren Ambarchi."