Midnight Snacks Vol.3 (New 12")
$ 17.99

Label: Mashibeats

MdCL - Mark de Clive-Lowe - is back with a batch of Midnight Snacks fresh out the oven. The third installment in his series of instrumental broken beat, jazz-fused tastiness features four new tracks of Mashibeats dancefloor goodness.

"Musashi 2474” kicks us off with the bruk grooves, imagining a sci-fi future where the legendary samurai Miyamoto Musashi travels the spaceways. “Journeyman” follows, taking us into downtempo, head-nod, boom bap territory built around an MdCL piano sample. The EP’s flipside starts with “Third Plane” - a soulful broken beat jam, twisting and turning through a synth and keys drenched soundscape. We close out this snacks session with “Orbits” - a jazzy house inspired roller to take us home...