Lunar Fantasies (New 12")
$ 19.99

Label: Bless You

Indonesian all-original disco pop with cosmic vibes and jazzy hints, written and produced by duo Adinda Dwimadasari and Dea Barandana, recorded in Jakarta. Adinda Dwimadasari and Dea Barandana take you on another dancefloor oriented voyage (to the Moon?) of originally written and produced contemporary disco wellness. Precious Bloom continues to carve out a sound of their own with 4 beautifully executed tracks. A selection of hand picked instrumentalists in addition to Dea's multi-instrumental studio prowess, the scene is set for Adinda's vocals to unravel in dreamy cosmic nuances from mysterious soft spoken word style voices to romantically sung lyrics in astrophysics. Truly refreshing in today's dance floor sound dominated by synthetic/digital convenience.