Live from Frankfurter Straße (New 12")
$ 13.99

Condition: New

Label: Standards & Practices

Release Date: 9/14/2018

Catalog #: STANPRAC004

"The next release on Standards & Practices since the acclaimed remixes of Talker's "Battle Standards" (by Surgeon, Regis, and Broken English Club), “Live From Frankfurter Strasse" represents the first recorded collaborative effort from Jonathan Krohn (Stave, also 1/2 of Talker) and Jan Grebenstein (Downwards, Horo). Culled from recording sessions following several successful improvised live performances in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Berlin, "Live From Frankfurter Strasse" is 3 tracks of seismically powerful, industrial dub music that represents a new direction for the pair and is unquestionably some of their strongest material to date. The twitchy, pared-to-the-bone opener "Alfa" is at once vast and frighteningly claustrophobic, recalling the brutal, clinical precision of Mika Vainio and Ilpo Vaisanen's output, with a brilliantly tricky arrangement that continually pulls the rug out from under the listener—its vertigo-inducing twists and turns are simultaneously disorienting and endlessly hypnotic. On the flip, the brooding, scorched-earth "Stirn" and "Verstärkerstufe" work at a much slower tempo, uncurling like a plume of smoke with a spacious, cerebral quality that occasionally brings to mind early Gescom."