Let Me / Move EP (New 12")
$ 14.99

Label: Star Creature

"When A Vision of Panorama dropped his Star Creature debut on the Purple 7" early 2022, the world started to feel like things were making sense again. AVOP x SC feels, sounds and tastes like a match made in the cosmic heavens above. Not quite house, not quite disco or boogie, just synthy drum-programmed funk perfect for coastal cruises in your rocket ship. The type of music that Aliens probably play to keep everyone cool during interplanetary space probe missions. AVOP taps vocalist SYKES here for 2 original collabs plus instrumentals and remixes from elusive underground producers of heat, Pool Boy and Cyril Hahn. Several Remixes and Flips compliment the original tracks with enough flavors to satisfy even the most extra terrestrial of pallets."