Let Me In (New LP)
$ 19.99

Label: Albina Music Trust

"In 1977, the Portland Trailblazers were at the peak of their game. Anticipating the team’s meteoric rise toward an NBA championship, songwriter Ron Stassens assembled his own dream team. Featuring members of Pleasure, Transport, and Slickaphonic, Stassens penned a theme song to amplify the team’s ascent and wound up with an album’s worth of soulful, disco-funk material. Centering on Slickaphonic frontman, Milton Davis, the band was hopeful. But like the vast majority of Portland's musical output, the reels received a dose of regional airplay before being shelved. Davis left town. Stassens and the backing band moved on. Years later, we now have this artifact, featuring a who's who in the Portland's musician community - banded together on this sole release."