Lagos Your Thoughts (Remix) / Ft. Primeridian (New 7")
$ 8.99

Condition: New

Label: Beyond Luck

Release Date: 2013

Catalog #: AR-19373

"Beyond luck is living, feeling, a timeless experience or moment in time. Synchronized high level spacious vibes. Beyond luck is rooted in chicago multi genres of music & seasons, places & spaces. We are adding to the puzzle & bridging a gap outside of a specific genre. Connecting something new with something old, because they are one in the same. Our vibe is now, the moment and communicating our feelings as soon as we feel them. Improvised. Beyond luck Is a reflection of friendship & community as well. Members include DJ Moppy, Radius, Lailah Reich, Kenny Keys and Keter Darker. Additional collaborators include Constance K and Myrna Zapatero."