Jealous Hours (New LP)
$ 19.99

Label: Tofistock

Jealous Hours is the first full-length LP by the Tel-Aviv based DJ & producer Lily Haz. Featuring nine genre-bending tracks in her distinctive electro-dub style, the project playfully emphasizes & recontextualizes the role of sampling using cinematic references to nineties cult songs & movies.

“I’m a rapper!” says the kid to the cop. “Oh you’re a rapper? Oh, ok… Be cool, stay in school” the cop condescently replies.

Thanks to her unique approach to production, Lily takes us for a tour in her obscure, ethereal universe where hip hop’s supremacy is undisputed. Flirting with the club realm while fearlessly determined in her style, each of one of her core influences is essential to this parallel universe. Out there, pitched-down rap verses top obscure beats and rolling liquid jungle drums ; extended intros and outros riffle through the whole spectrum of human emotion. From anger to the puzzling humoristic dialogues she creates by toying with her own layered vocals or memphis rap samples, one cannot help but let himself dive into this ethereal consciousness outburst.