GLYFF (New 7")
$ 15.99

Label: Just Good Beats

From the label:

"Our entire process is hand made, from the recycled sleeves put together by hand and hand stamped, right through to the lathe they were cut on, hand made by @nmcpstudio. Its our pleasure to drop dope beats from underground heads on lathe cuts for a organic and unique listening experience."


Hailing from Brampton, Canada (a suburb in the outskirts of Toronto) musician/beatmaker GLYFF has been hard at work cooking up a his unique sound in his search to push a contrasting style to the generic lofi beat template.

A chef by trade, a skateboarder, and a multi-instrumentalist, GLYFF has been making music for most of his life and a fan for even longer.
Around 2015, he bought a used mpc500 and grit through the steep learning curve of the simple battery powered sampler to make his first beat. Now rocking the popular SP404, influences of retro anime, raw chops, and bouncy BPMs are the setting for a wavey GLYFF backdrop.