Fractal ID (New LP)
$ 17.99

Label: CLEAR (USA)

"After its series of dance floor 12 inches, CLEAR is proud to present their second full-length release: Stacian’s “FRACTAL ID”.

A project based variously in the Midwest, the Bay Area, and currently Nashville, Stacian has produced two full length LP’s, a smattering of EP’s, including the very recent “X2020” EP (Death Decay Magic, 2020) and now FRACTAL ID: an album that deconstructs and expands upon the cold-wave refinements and dystopian soundscapes of its predecessors “Songs for Cadets” (Moniker, 2012) and “Person L” (Night School, 2017).

Stacian is a longtime vehicle for dance floor alchemist, electronic artist, and producer Dania Luck, who delivers for Chicago’s CLEAR a collection that synthesizes a wide breadth of influences; from varying strains of minimal wave, to the darker baroque flourishes of German new-wave and post-industrial— all while scavenging the displaced futurism of early analog electronic music..."