Forever Dolphin Love (New LP)
$ 28.99

Label: Because Music

Limited edition 2021 re-press of Connan Mockasin's classic 'Forever Dolphin Love' album on splatter 12" vinyl. Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the record.

"It's been exactly a decade since Connan Mockasin's classic album, 'Forever Dolphin Love' was released as the first album on Phantasy. As such, this record holds huge significance for the label, evolving us beyond the singles of our first few years and into a full musical world that we truly believed in.

Part of our ethos is that music and the physical format should be affordable and accessible, so after seeing 'Forever Dolphin Love' sell for over £100 a copy on the second hand market, and given the occasion, we're delighted to announce a re-press of Mockasin's beguiling debut on limited-edition splatter vinyl."