Fiestas b/w Estambul (New 7")
$ 14.99

Label: Radio Martiko

Fiestas is an ultra catchy foxtrot by the Colombian clarinet player and arranger Ricaurte Arias. This American-style swing spiced up with a layer of Colombian sauce is an irresistible ear worm that takes the concept of smoothness to another level. Definitely the foxiest of all foxes.

The legendary composer and band leader Pacho Galan’s take on Estambul is another example of how American swing and Colombian music can blend into a unique musical melting pot. The song starts with hard tambor breaks and maracas kicking in badly. The playful horns driven by the cumbia rhythm make it impossible not to dance on this tune.

Colombia is a country with rich and strong musical traditions. The country has a huge variety of musical styles like cumbia, porro, gaitas, etc. From the late 30’s on, many folkloric styles were modernised by band leaders who were inspired by American big bands. In most cases, these Colombian big bands merely adopted the big band style, but not the American music itself as they kept on playing typical rhythms from the homeland and surrounding countries. However, some bands incorporated American songs and dances in their repertoire. This double-sider is a perfect example of this interesting musical fusion.