Dilijans (New LP)
$ 30.99

Label: Comet

Mindblowing spiritual jazz, the whole LP is a amazing listen from beginning to end, the instrumentation, the vocals, the rhythms, very deep!! Standout tracks are ''Tribilasyon'' and ''Delijans''.. Recorded in NYC 1984, led by Haitian genius Alix Jacques. A mind-blowing session blending traditional Ra Ra elements with modal/spiritual melodies. The result was like nothing else coming out of Haiti or the Haitian exile community in the US at the time. Dark, mystical, lyrical and abstract, with its otherworldly shifting rhythms, Dilijans came off like a Haitian version of Bitches Brew. The album sounds less like a stylish mini-jazz performing in a hotel dancehall than like a cry of ancestors emanating from the spirit world to lament over the complications of modern Haitian society.