Decadent Skies (New 2LP)
$ 28.99

Label: Offen Music

*straight up foul and very essential gear from a galaxxy unknown... sleep on this at your peril!* 

TPPM and AtB aka Mr fLooDs are turning on the research machine taking the listener on a extraordinary tripped out ecstatic journey through timespace where spirits of Liaisons Dangereuses Radio and the legendary Boccaccio are summoned with inspiration in order to find a New Beat Soul for the 21st Century. 

What was born and initially exploded in 1987, went supernova (in Belgium) in 1988, declared dead in 1989, was slow and initially all about atmosphere with industrial strength beats - the main form of rhythmic propulsion being the pounding kick and heavy snare. The sound was mainly instrumental and when there was lyrical content, it often became more about slogans and giving commands. On "Decadent Skies“ An Anomaly bring back the atmosphere, beats, the essence off the beaten commercial track, and combine it with the knowledge of tomorrow.  

Enjoy the ride!

"Tapping deep into the throbbing vein of the late ‘80s Belgian dance music phenomenon, adjacent to Chicago, UK, and Frankfurt styles, An Anomaly hold the mayo for seven serious shots of the dark and kinky stuff that we fucking adore over here. Steering wide of the style’s more commercial strains, they lay the kicks, snares, and claps down cold and rigid but infectiously funky in each part, with requisite amounts of monk chants and gloaming pads that properly get us going." - Boomkat