Cosmic Transitions (New 2LP)
$ 27.99

Label: Division 81

From the label head...

"Transformation is the constant that unfolds infinitely. Those moments when future becomes the past, and the past becomes the present. Cosmic Transitions navigates the challenges and changes of existence leading up to 2020 and beyond. It is best for anyone who really seeks to take a journey to know that all the steps in between shape the arrival. Isaiah Collier and The Chosen Few etched together an occurrence in this recorded performance of a five-part Suite composed by Collier. To compress all the understanding, lessons, love, and humility into writing would surely be taking the breath from the poetic moment that occurred on September 23rd, 2020. These artists and more importantly, these souls took a journey with the intention of pushing beyond the limitations of the world, critics, and perhaps even their own expectations. This performance takes place at Van Gelder Studio’s on John Coltrane’s birthday, in the very room where he and so many other compassionate artists pushed beyond what was known and created a new wave in sound. So many steps were taken to achieve this moment of boundless reaching. Music is the Universal Language. The unifying force that bends reality around its subjects, as it services as an instrument of unity. Beyond wherever it is that society is, it is music and love the saves the day. Each musician on this recording takes hold of this composition and threads their own path to the purpose of this work of art. That purpose is like most forms of art left to an audience for interpretation to examine their place in life and hopefully feel a connection to something more than the here and now. Cosmic Transition begins in invocation with frequency’s resonating in the same room where so many had stood with hopes and intentions that their art and purpose service a greater understanding. This Quartet performance finds each musician pushing and exploring the sonics of their individual instruments to expand as one wave, one journey. I implore anyone daring enough to take this journey, that you listen to this experience in its entirety. Every dimension of the room both on the physical and spiritual plane made this moment possible. Do you hear those few seconds when John walked into the room? Beyond any space and time, beyond the common understanding of life and death, beyond a type of music or crowd, Cosmic Transitions is a doorway for all. For all those who came before and after gratitude for your ear and hopefully your heart. As’e!"

-Ausar Ra