(Cassette) Live (New CS)
$ 15.99

Label: Funkscapes

70 or so minutes of boogie funk from Germany, recorded live at the band's peak in their hometown Saarbrücken in 1987. Never heard before songs, now remastered. Limited to 100 copies.

During their short but intensive almost four years of existence Citro played about 50 shows and composed 32 songs that got performed live. This cassette holds 14 songs that draw a broader picture and captures their energetic and playful performance on stage. A band in great harmony that had developed its own sound.

This time capsule is the perfect addition to Citro's extended Smile EP reissue on funkscapes a few months ago. Encore!

Originally recorded to cassette at Jugendzentrum Saarbrücken, 30 April 1987.

Bettina Kümmel - lead & backing vocals, keyboard
Volker Schmidt-Hildebrandt - lead & backing vocals, guitar
Willy Walinsky - keyboard, backing vocals
Andy “Lemon“ Meyer (1963-2004) - bass
Kurt Landry - drums
Ralf Schmidt - live engineering