Buyepongo vs. Quitapenas (New 7")
$ 11.99

Label: Peace & Rhythm

"You might say Buyepongo and Quitapenas are sibling neighbor bands since they are of Mexican-American heritage, share some band members, have similar musical influences and are based in the Los Angeles area. Both transmit a similarly positive, socially committed outlook and life philosophy through their creative output. In addition they have toured together and are part of the same larger socio-musical community. That is not to say the bands sound exactly the same or have the same origin story. Rather, it means they have enough in common that over the years they have forged a strong bond of friendship that has proven mutually beneficial for both bands and has helped them grow and build in a unique, positive way. While each group maintains their own separate identity, they share a long-standing, committed fan base and both have previously released music on the same label as well. Most importantly Buyepongo and Quitapenas are part of an exciting generation of underground, independent, alternative Latin music inspired by tropical and folkloric roots from the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America as well as Africa, all of which is played with elements of jazz, psychedelia, electronica, and global funk."