Bacolearica EP (New 7")
$ 8.99

Label: Star Creature

Smooth & Breezy London post-jazz-funk pre-street soul has a layover in Ibiza before heading home to the Italian Coast just outside of Naples. The result is this Balearic/Bacolearic tribute to Modula's homeland of Bacoli. 2 mellow groovers perfect for the patio, rooftop, beachfront, backseat or bedroom, wherever your preferred vibes manifests.

Italo Disco Today Magazine dropped the science: "Filippo Colonna Romano a.k.a Modula, strikes back with a new 7” on theChicago imprint “Star Creature”. Bacolearica is a tribute to “Bacoli”, his hometown, located on the Neapolitan west coast. This time a full partenership with the French singer “Pamina Chauveau” . On the A side you’ll find “Misenetta” a dubby disco jaunt, which is an
ode, following Modula’s imaginary world, of a spirit residing in the old
Lighthouse. The B side speaks of itself, “Nostalgia” as a romantic boogie song featuring guitar riffs by Daniele Sarpa and electric piano
harmonies by Quirino Mattera plus sensual saxophone by Giulio De
Asmundis. The lyrics talk about a lost summer love, proudly inspired by one of Modula’s favorite Wertumüller films: “Travolti Da Un Insolito Destino Nell’Azzurro Mare D’Agosto”. Summery vibes and catchy melodies, full of Neapolitan love."