A Lost Religion (New 12")
$ 15.99

Label: Dirty Blends


The Jak has returned with 2 new Dirty bLends in extremely limited quantity. 

Introducing nU cOhort to the label:

Rudy Rugar(a wild bandit)

This new artist alias to the label has contributed to the further effort 
of maintaining the sound from the early inception of chicago tracks like the 
days of old that still lives and breathes in us today that honors and treasures 
enriched essential dance music history.

DirtyBlends Edition 6 is Underground Bizniss!

The Jak kicks the A-Side off with A Lost Religion… an offbeat rhythm with
furious undercover drums, an atomic boom effect triggering energized 
strings fusing an artistic tradition of early basement style production of 
The Muzik Box re-igniting the past to the present into the future for education.

Roughneck Rudy Rugar beAts the B-Side with 2 tracks that is the 1st time 
we’ve ever done for any of our releases that both tracks are absolutely true 
examples of house heaven done DiRTy with: Pazuzu and Back To Enterprise