606 Records Presents: UNITY (New LP)
606 Records Presents: UNITY (New LP) 606 Records Presents: UNITY (New LP) 606 Records Presents: UNITY (New LP) 606 Records Presents: UNITY (New LP)
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It's a honor to link with the local underground community to release this exclusive LP titled UNITY. This is a compilation without boundaries. Featuring artists with parallels to the city of Chicago, experimenting sonically & unified by music. Every copy includes a color obi and beautiful inner sleeve with respective artist bio.

Artists as they appear on the vinyl:

Sev Seveer
Sev Seveer is a producer/beatmaker from Chicago, Illinois and based in Eugene, Oregon. Since 2009, he has worked to craft a unique sound that is now well-regarded in Chicago; despite a range of classic and modern production styles he maintains a signature. A scholar by trade, Sev Seveer is known for his enigmatic, cerebral approach to beatmaking. As a devout proponent of physical releases and hardware production, he has become synonymous with his Boss/Roland SP samplers (202, 303, 404), and, his loyal Akai MPC 2000XL - Complete with the ubiquitous "PUSH" door decal paying homage to his original crew, Push Beats. He has often demonstrated his beatmaking proficiency during live, improvised performances. Additionally, with influence rooted first and foremost in rap soundscapes, Sev Seveer's work on the boards as a producer can be found on projects by Defcee, Green Sllime, Saba, Benjamin Earl Turner, Joseph Chilliams, AMS King Of The Nerds, and The Highest Low. He has released physical LPs with a number of imprints including Beats Of All-Nations, Just Good Beats, Jugo And Rada Records, Cold Busted Records, High Risk Collective, and Dark Matter Coffee. Sev Seveer has been featured at South By Southwest, Beat Cinema, The Toledo Museum Of Contemporary Art, New Media Art and Sound Summit, Exploded Drawing and by The Chicago Reader, Chicago Tribune, and The Northwest Indiana Times. He currently resides in Eugene, Oregon where he is a PhD student at The University Of Oregon Department of Geography.

OG out of the potent Chicago beat scene now residing in California, Marcos fuses elements of old with new. A son of Latin Jazz master Mario Rivera, CōS blends his roots in the past with his push towards the future. Growing up playing basketball, video games, listening to Hip Hop, and making loop tapes. He celebrates diversity through music.

As a self-proclaimed bedroom artist, Chicago based producer and melodist, Megiapa, has evolved what first started as sound bites stitched together in Audacity into a wide range of deeply-rooted rhythms and crisp, futuristic soundscapes. Emerging from Chicago's underground beat scene with her debut EP, (Parenthesis), she continues to harness inspiration from eclectic corners to yield an ever-evolving, but distinguishable sound all her own ranging from lo-fi Hip Hop and Jazz to future R&B and Electro-Funk; always with an aim toward the Afrofuture.

Billy The Kid
Originating from the Westside of Chicago, Billy The Kid focuses on bringing the past to the present through the beats. A sense of nostalgia is sure to envelop the listener upon hearing the often heavy influence of 80's/90's atmospheres within each track he creates.


Daniel Van Duerm
Daniel Van Duerm, (B. Nov. 1987) is a pianist, composer & improviser from Chicago, IL. Predominantly self-taught, his musical studies have been through his ears and immersion within the Chicago cultural landscape; a learned student of his peers. Deeply connected to the burgeoning community of creative music, movement, and visual artists of a newer generation, Daniel impacts every area he touches. His exposure to elders in the music scene has often led to being a collaborator. The trio with Quin Kirchner and Matt Lux (KVL - Astral Spirits) being the most notable. It's his learning through participation that has inspired his projects and birthed a sound that is uniquely his own. He approaches music as a sound pallet, creating cosmic topography to build, explore and destroy. Daniel is less concerned with the structure that surrounds the music, but rather the fluid expanse of creation within it. Daniel performs under the solo moniker, Von Drum. 

Quin Kirchner
Quinlan Kirchner (B. December 14, 1981) is a drummer, composer, improvisor & DJ from Chicago, Illinois. He first started his musical studies at the age of 10 at the famed Academy of Movement and Music of Oak Park and later at the Merit Music Program of Chicago. Learning from Chicago educator Don Skoog, his studies soon grew to include the traditions of Afro-Cuban drumming, taking him to Havana, Cuba to study under acclaimed percussionists José Eládio, Omar Rojas & Don Poncho Terry. His early exposure to expressive arts and dedicated practice led him to earn a Basin Street Scholarship to The University of New Orleans, led by Ellis Marsalis, at the age of 18. There, Kirchner learned under the guidance of the city's drumming masters including Ricky Sebastian, Jason Marsalis, Troy Davis and Johnny Vidacovich and his undergraduate studies led to a B.A. in music, Jazz studies, and the Gregory Frederico Senior Of The Year Award. It was also while in New Orleans that Kirchner began his career as a performing & recording artist with QMRPlus, Red Shift, The Other Planets, The Hall Monitors, Jeff Albert Trio & Quartet, Adam Croce, Irene Sage, Ed Petersen and others. After the dislocation caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Kirchner moved to New York for masters degree studies at the Manhattan School of Music under John Riley before relocating to Chicago.

Dia.L (pronounced Dial) is a cosmic trip guided by vocalist Lailah Reich & producer Radius; grown within the rich diverse music scene of Chicago. They are also core members Beyond Luck (w/ DJ Moppy). Dia.L are all about love, and bringing people together with music and art. Diameter of a circle is any straight line that passes through the center of a circle. Radius is half a diameter and Lailah is the other half. Dia. is diameter plus L. Complete. The duo just released their sophomore vinyl; Injera, on ETC Records this year.

_M__R_T__K_ is an artist and musician from Chicago, United States, best known for his work as a modular performer, creating music with an exciting genre-bending sonic style that fuses classic modular synthesis techniques with the beat driven textures of 90s era Hip Hop, Boom Bap. Live performances are structured around minimalist compositions using both analog and digital tools, including tape loops, custom made vinyl and modular synthesis. Rooted in DIY music culture, _M__R_T__K_ is always pushing the boundaries across the ever-evolving visual and sonic landscape, giving us a sneak peak into his unique take on what it means to be a Hip Hop artist in 2020. A composite style that bridges the gap between Hip Hop's underground and the Eurorack scene. _M__R_T__K_ represents the new and defining sound of modular music.

Ashina is a sound artist and a DJ, using synthesizers, drum machines, samples, and field recordings to compose, arrange, and mix electronic music. As a producer and beat experimentalist, Ashina is interested in exploring atmospheres, eccentric grooves and textures, as well as concepts relating to science fiction. Presently, these notions are traversed through the monikers Sovereign State, and the artist's given name, Miki Miyoshi. These recordings can be found on the Chicago-based label of the same name, Sovereign State.

Ghoultrane is an ongoing alias/project by Bay Area native to now Chicago-based artist Mason Moss. Primarily focusing on sample-based music, he gives past sonic textures a contemporary spin.

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