606 Records Presents: TRANSITION (New LP)
606 Records Presents: TRANSITION (New LP) 606 Records Presents: TRANSITION (New LP) 606 Records Presents: TRANSITION (New LP) 606 Records Presents: TRANSITION (New LP)
$ 21.99

It's a honor to link with the local underground community to release this exclusive LP titled TRANSITION. This is the 2nd release on the 606 Records label compilation series (UNITY). This is a compilation without boundaries. Featuring artists with parallels to the city of Chicago, experimenting sonically & transitioning through music. Every copy includes a full color inner sleeve with respective artist bio.

Artists as they appear on the vinyl:

Kastaway is a hip hop artist from the west side of Chicago. His music sways from playful to autobiographical. He openly and authentically shares stories of growing up in a family and community plagued with poverty, drugs, and violence. Demonstrating feats of flow and lyricism, he regales the listener with tales of hope and sorrow, often cloaking the most profound stories over catchy beats.

Willow Wells
Willow Wells has been a soul singer in the city of Chicago for more than a decade. She has performed at underground rock, punk, blues, and Hip Hop venues for many different bands. Willow’s strength is her vocal range. Willow joined RP in the group GREENLIGHTS Music in 2019. She continues to be one of the creative and spiritual spearheads for GREENLIGHTS Music. 

RP is an emcee and the main producer for the Chicago’s Hip Hop collective GREENLIGHTS Music.  A veteran to Hip Hop in Chicago, RP started performing live in 2002 with the group Abstract Giants.  In 2019 GREENLIGHTS Music was established and have now completed their 4th full length album “Solid Gold Gravy” released in the spring of 23’. 

Azarias is a producer inspired by his Brazilian roots and years in the drumline. Over the past decade Azarias has released six beat tapes, building the foundation for his latest collaborative releases: Buy Muy Drugs(2017), Bullies(2019), and Of The Chasm(2022). Azarias’ music aims to bend and shatter the ears of the innocent.

Gnat is a Chicago-based Beatmaker from Massachusetts (Malden). Influenced by jazz but also by all genres of music and sound making, attempting to pull the techniques of his various influences into his process of making sonics. Steeped in experimentation on his MacBook Pro, Ableton, tea, incense and some cinema playing in the background, as a “bedroom beat maker” channels his surroundings and emotions to bring you his and others' experiences via audio storytelling.

ESSO Afrojam Funkbeat
Xicago's ESSO Afrojam Funkbeat combine their collective influences into a genesis of gritty dance music, slam poetry, punk and Latin roots. This dirty samba features guest emcees AQ, Puerko Pitzotl, Logan Lu, and K-Man. Urban chill with elastic poetry promoting knowledge of self, culture empowerment, and the importance of individuality. Tienes el derecho.
credits: Emcees: AQ, Puerko Pitzotl, Logan Lu, K-Man Vocals: Diana Mosquera, Armando Perez, Dan Lieber, Ezra Lange Saxophone - Kevin MIller Trombone - Matthew Davis Trumpet - Bo Osinski Synths - Aquil Charlton Beat produced and arranged by Armando Perez All music and lyrics written by Kevin Miller, Aquil Charlton and Armando Pérez, with additional lyrics by Lessic Franco, Luis Tubens Recorded at Belmont Electric Studios, Chicago IL Mixed + mastered by Beauty Man and Rollin Weary Sonic Octopus Records Fantasy Bunker Publications. ASCAP Copyright 2020 www.essofunk.com @mandochilly @essofunk

An emotional luchador on the south side of Chicago. CHEBAKA is a masked rapper, actor and children’s book author based in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood. A relentless artist who since his first release 2011’s The Science of Sleep has continued to push his music and visual art to its existential limits. In 2020, CHEBAKA co-wrote the children’s book Children’s Guide to Rap and premiered his short film Everything Will Be Streamed. In 2021 CHEBAKA joined forces with kindred spirits No Sé Discos, an artist-run record label who will be releasing CHEBAKA’s next EP Hard Working Mexican. Photo by Sinai

Backpack Beatz
Devante Jefferson, also known as Backpack Beatz, is a producer and DJ hailing from Milton, FL. Now residing in Chicago, Backpack is making a name for himself in the Chicago music scene. He’s worked with artists like EZ Elpee, UFO Fev, Pro Era, and countless other underground and unsigned artists.

Matt Dubspun
It was obvious to Matt since he was about 4 years old finding himself playing records and creating on his siblings' musical instruments that his future involved the science of music. Music theory is still learned and developed through DJing. Using a variety of hardware, his Vibenotic theme is continuing to grow.

Sulyiman is a self-taught interdisciplinary artist from the south side of Chicago whose sole focus is telling black folk's stories. Though music and photography are his primary areas of exploration, he regularly immerses himself in whatever medium is available to him to maximize expression. Capturing and keeping a record of the ways black folk struggle toward liberation by way of his work is his contribution to the very same pursuit.

Lapgan is a Chicago-based beatmaker / producer inspired by existentialism, history, nature, and universality. His music spans influences from hip-hop to classic Bollywood. He self-released his first beat tape Badmaash in 2019 which ties together his Indian roots and his ever expanding interest in hip hop and beats. In 2021, he released Duniya Kya Hai, a beat tape that unearthed rare and forgotten Indian & Pakistani music, revitalizing and recontextualizing the sounds of his ancestral home and musical predecessors. You can catch him travelling and collecting vinyl from the Indian subcontinent as he dreams up his next beat tape.

May 22, 1990
( ( ( Peace ) ) )

Its an honor to be included in this compilation ...
... Its so much brilliance in these streets

Big up yrself
Big up the whole city
~ Chicago on the rise ~
God Bless the Children of Pilsen

Oui Ennui

Oui Ennui’s work builds sonic mazes that lead listeners on a dizzying chase through instrumental hip hop, synth explorations, drones, zones, and everything in between. He’s a chameleon at times, shifting modes depending on where the muse lands, but always finding the magic touch that produces vivid images through sound. One of the more quietly indefatigable figures of the pandemic, he’s released an album on every Bandcamp Friday for two years. His work has taken in a protean range of styles and concepts, from psycho-geographic nostalgia to character sketches of the animal imagination and his free-wheeling, confessional liner notes and regular newsletter updates are often miniature works of art in themselves. Oui Ennui is a ceaselessly inventive figure who should be commanding much wider recognition.

Selective Listening
Regina Martinez, also known as selective listening, experiences sound as records of our connections and departures. Her current experiments draw from an archive of infinitely personal recordings she relates to as soundmarks: her father’s hands washing dried beans, drumline rehearsal after school, her mother praying the rosary the night before her heart procedure, the creak of the gate where we used to live. Each recorded moment becomes its own instrument, its own layer and a washing and wringing out of memory meant to be overheard like a poem again and again.

Betty Heredia
Betty Heredia, born and raised in Chicago is a multi-media artist. She produces and hosts The Isms Show, which airs every 2nd/ 4th Monday of the month from 4 pm to 6 pm, Checagou time, on the Lumpen Radio airwaves.