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Label: Monked Records

EXCELLENT and ultra limited cassette release featuring Chicago beatmaker BillyTheKid, collab'd with UK based label Monked Records... essential listening material especially for the beat appreciator, the epitome of a collectors item for the cassette connoisseur. Includes 4-panel J-Card with Interior artwork on a transparent red with black liner type I cassette. Quality!


"MYYSTICVOID is a deeper experimentation with hard rhythmic leans counterbalanced by shifting synth melodies. Whilst the overarching sound crafted by BTK through synth heavy RNB samples creates a cohesive atmosphere for the album, each beat is a separate and distinct elemental cleansing. He wields the SP404 with the timing of a beatmaker who’s put the hours in whilst ensuring any remaining voids are filled with speech samples that raise more questions than they answer. The perfect soundtrack for a journey to the Outer Rim... BILLYTHEKID (Chicago) is a beatmaker, artist and skater influenced by the sights and sounds of the 80s whose musical communication is almost exclusively limited to his SP404 + SP303. Communications often contain recognizable elements of RNB, Electro Funk, Synthpop etc but overall form a unique dialect that establishes his sound. A top contributor to our WE compilations, BTK's other works include albums with Throne Age and ETC Records plus a large catalog of solid independent releases..."