$ 21.99

Condition: New

Label: Just Good Beats

Release Date: April 2020

Catalog #: JGB009

Sev Seveer is a beatmaker/producer, radio host, and geographer based in Chicago, Illinois. He is a resident of Chicago-based Push Beats collective and has been featured at South by Southwest, New Media Art and Sound Summit, Beat Cinema, the Toledo Museum of Contemporary Art, Exploded Drawing, the Chicago Reader, and the Chicago Tribune.

Since his early days making beats, starting in 2004, Sev has developed his own unique sound and is known for his devout preference for analogue and hardware production, as well as his improvised live performances. To date he has released three solo albums under the Los Angeles-based Beats of All-Nations imprint: ​Constant Elevation: Odessa Star, ​Smithereens and ​Shelfie Baps 2.

As a member of Push Beats, Sev Seveer is one of the artists credited for rejuvenating Chicago’s instrumental beat scene and elevating it to a national platform. He is widely regarded for his proficiency with the Roland SP-404 and Boss SP-303 samplers, which along with the AKAI MPC 2000xl contribute to his signature, textured sound. Blending elements of hip hop, free jazz, ambient, and psychedelic music, Sev is heralded for his enigmatic, theoretical approach to beatmaking.