Hot And Sexable [Morgan Buckley Remixes] (New 12")
$ 15.99

Condition: New

Label: Allchival

Release Date: 2020

Catalog #: ACNW12x1

Remastered & Re-Edited & Remixed versions of the ‘Quare Groove’ classic first released on the group's own Feral Records imprint in Ireland in 1985.

Originally inspired by Con O Laoghaire's trip to Carnival in Trinidad ‘where a woman told me she would see me later at a fete when she was looking ‘Hot and Sexable’’.

This is the full vocal version sung by Denise Keogh. As well as an extended club mix of the original, the set features three other versions, all are reimagined by Morgan Buckley (Wah Wah Wino / No 'Label') using source stems from the original 1985 master lacquer and multitrack tapes courtesy of Windmill Lane Studios.