All Over The Place (New 10")
$ 59.99

Condition: New

Label: Reprise

Release Date: 1997

Catalog #: PRO-A-9094

Limited Edition Factory Sealed

Promotional release as part of the Soil Samples series, #26.
Notes from back of release:  

"Someone Else's Song" recorded 18 March 97 on Marble Mountain, Newfoundland, Canada for Much Music. Filmed on a ski slope during a layover on our way to France. Just prior to this, Bob had failed to land an ill-advised jump, throwing himself off balance and into a snow bank an impressive six feet away. Our most famous performance. 

"Promising" recorded at Easley Studios, Memphis, sometime in 1994. Max Johnston getting the most from just a few notes.

"Kingpin" recorded 31 March 97 for 2 Metre Sessions, VARA Radio, Netherlands. This was our soundcheck for a radio/TV performance in Holland. Good enough for us, but apparently old Han had gotten up on the wrong side of the futon. Also of interest: Ken's playing rented drums with sticks fashioned out of Fig Newtons.

"I Got You" recorded 9 July 97 at Lounge Ax, Chicago, live to DAT. Affectionately known as the "Shakey's Pizza" version. Jay normally plays banjo here. Unfortunately, all tapes documenting this were pureed into a very flavorful ice cream topping at Bob's 40th birthday party.

"Don't You Honey Me"</b> recorded at the Warzone, Chicago, in 1996. The only existing DAT of this was taped over with an episode of <i> Clarissa Explains It All </i>. Luckily, we found this rough mix on a cassette being used to level a table at John's parent's house.

"Passenger Side"</b> was recorded 10 May 97 at the Fillmore, San Francisco. An homage, if you will, to Defend The Keg, our favorite band. Or at least our favorite band name.

"The Lonely 1" (White Hen Version)</b> recorded at Chicago Recording Company in 1996. The background noise on this version was recorded with a portable Marantz tape deck during a walk for a pack of smokes in downtown Chicago. Cut randomly and pasted back together, we left this off <i> Being There </i> initially because Warner legal warned us that played backwards they could make out the home address of marketing exec. Jo Lenardi. She's since moved, freeing us to release it at last.