In Togetherness (New LP)
$ 24.99

Condition: New

Label: Athens Of The North

Release Date: 02/2019

Catalog #: AOTNLP027

At the time this album was created race relations were not their best in the United States, there was still a divide and you didn't cross the lines. The cover was considered scandalous as they were touching hands. They were told if the album cover wasn't changed, it wouldn't sell. They kept the cover and pressed the record as a limited edition on Chatsford Video Productions by themselves. 

During the intervening years since this LP was released, Judy has come to wear many hats including: digital artist, English coach, author of children's books and creator of music videos and short animated films. She also runs a charity dedicated to saving homeless, abandoned and disabled cats.

Thanks to Athens Of The North, this rare gem from 1977 has finally been reissued for the first time!