Ambrosia (New 2LP)
$ 25.99

Condition: New

Label: Axis

Release Date: 10/16/2020

Catalog #: AX-091

"Byron The Aquarius is no stranger to true music fans. In January 2020 he gathered his friend musicians in Atlanta for a few day session at Patchwerk Studios under supervision of Jeff Mills, a pioneer of Detroit Techno and the owner of Axis Records. The result is a fantastic mix between Soulful House and Jazz Music with a touch of Blues.Might hope was that with each live musician Byron engaged with would result in something different and this was definitely the case. For instance with Veteran Drummer “Lil John” Roberts, the tracks of Byron became more loose, but because the technique of “Lil John” is so precise, the tracks have a steady foundation where just about anything would sound great upon. With Trumpeter Dashill Smith and Flutist Rasheeda Ali (both recorded at different sessions), the tracks graciously parted to accommodate these sounds, almost as if they were made especially for their solo parts. The bass player, Chocolat, who is initially from Brasil gave the tracks a latin samba feel that was wonderfully unexpected."