Kitchi-Gami (New 7")
$ 11.99

Condition: New

Label: Self Released

Release Date: 3/21/2020

Catalog #: N/A

"Mikey Wehling’s latest release is the culmination of a very specific idea, with the songwriter looking to create a sonic representation of morning turning into evening, featuring a tracklist that begins with spare acoustics, slowly moving into busier, fully-electric arrangements. Playing multiple instruments on this work, Wehling is joined only by his frequent collaborator, drummer Cannon DeWeese. The results of their work is showcased on a 14-song outing, “Hearth Songs,” to be released both physically and digitally on Tuesday, March 24. The instrumental album highlights Wehling’s mastery on a variety of stringed instruments alongside his latest passion, keys. It follows a run of solo-driven works from Wehling, including his most recent release, 2018’s “Antique Electronique.” For that one, he began a significant stretch in his songwriting approach, moving from a guitar foundation to keys, a move that’s allowed for so much range to be heard on the new “Hearth Songs.” As he told Christian Schaeffer of the Riverfront Times at the time of “Antique Electronique”’s release, “Acquiring all the knowledge and technical skill felt so great and has been a great thing to strive for, but then sometimes all of that — especially the technical ability on an instrument — can lead to too many options, too many colors to paint with, too much to think about or over-think about" he says of the guitar."

Recorded on 4-track cassette in Burnsville NC, Ironwood MI, and St. Louis MO.
Mikey Wehling: guitars, ukulele, keyboards, piano, bass, tape echo.
Cannon DeWeese: drum set.
Mixed by Mikey Wehling.
Additional Mixing and Mastering by Daniel Mehrman at Midtown Sound House.
Artwork by Drew Briscoe.
All songs written by Mikey Wehling.