A Gozar Salsomanos (New LP)
$ 21.99

Condition: New

Label: Vampi Soul

Release Date: 2019

Catalog #: VAMPI201LP

"By 1974, salsa was taking Colombia by storm and so the directors of the INS label (Industria Nacional Del Sonido Ltda), based in Medellín, Colombia, decided to create a band that would appeal to 'salsómanos' (salsa fanatics) and be able to compete with the area's two larger labels, Discos Fuentes and Codiscos. Thus was born the oddly named Los Afroins (a contraction of Afro, indicating the roots of the music, and '--ins', for the label name), an obscure, short-lived combo that would release two albums and six 45s. The repertoire focused on cover versions of hit Afro-Antillean tunes both classic and contemporary."