Rock Latin Steady (New 7")
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Condition: New

Label: RBMB

Release Date: 2020

Catalog #: RBMB7:11

Swiftly following up on his previously released and immediately sold out debut 45 “King Cornbread” on RBMBoots, Skeme Richards sets things up with another double-sided edit featuring a pair of heavy breakbeat masterpieces. Once again taking things international, Skeme digs deep into his crates to present two very under the radar 1970’s rarities that’ll rock the block, park jams, and the Latin discotheque.

Super duper official B-Boy / B-Girl business and another “doubles are a must” situation which continues to show that Skeme Richards’ mission is to always keep it official when the term digging deep is concerned. Lineage has always been a major part of any culture and continuing to lay bricks in a similar fashion as some of the notable names in the game, is of the utmost importance when unearthing or introducing crate essentials.

Skeme takes the best parts of each track and “edits” them to give them more of an appeal and perfect for those who like to rock doubles, producers looking for the next unused drum loop or DJ’s to play the floor without losing the essence of the original songs. Digging deeper is what Skeme Richards strives for presenting something different for the heads while continuing to carry on the culture and inspire others to #digforyours.

This is another RBMBoots x Skeme Richards sure shot that you’ll definitely want to add to your collection now before it’s gone!