SMANG-001 (New 12")
$ 13.99

Condition: New

Label: Sublimate Records

Release Date: 2020

Catalog #: SMANG-001

"In our never ending quest to keep it real, funky & freaky we present to you our newest venture: Sublimate Records. Presenting quality music has always been at the forefront of what we do, so it was only natural that we get into the rekkid business.

A 4 track various EP with a lil bit of something for everyone, these songs reflect what a Sublimate might sound like . First up is another dancefloor beater by family friend Love Letters in his signature vocal cut up style. Next up a live jam by Russell E.L. Butler & Indy Nyles resulting in some melanin heavy electro heat. Liquid Asset continues to deliver excellent work with a warm acid drenched bubbler. Finally track-master Ali Berger pulled Turtle Bugg in his studio for a house beat and live take of THC induced shit talkin."