MotorCity Wine Recordings #4 (New 12")
$ 11.99

Condition: New

Label: Motor City Wine

Release Date: 9/9/2019

Catalog #: MCWR004

Detroit’s MotorCity Wine has established itself as the go-to space for all of the soulful, broken beat, and deep sounds on the house music spectrum. For their 4th 12” they tap in a cast of locals and friends from across the globe for this 4 track EP. Mark de Clive-Lowe kicks things off with “Wondering Who”, a bassline-driven broken-beat inspired electronic funk workout, before Motomitsu goes Marianas Trench deep with “La Musique”. On the flip Brandon Williams, Jon Dixon, & De’Sean Jones deliver “Twenty-One”, a sublime piece of hi-tech jazz for the soulful heads. Loftsoul & Soul-T round out the EP with “Sol Origin”, a sub-heavy Shelter-esque track featuring Andy Compton on electric guitar. 

Supported by Cordell Johnson (Excursions- Chicago), Marc Meistro (Sol Power - DC), The Silver Rider (Sleazy Beats), ThatManMonkz (Shadeleaf - UK), LADYMONIX (Frizner Electric - Detroit), Moplen (Italy), Marcel Vogel (Lumberjacks In Hell - Amsterdam), Igor B (Breathing Room - Canada), Severino (Horse Meat Disco - UK), Dazzle Drums (Japan), Delfonic (Oye - Berlin), Pete OnTheCorner (UK), Scott Grooves (Detroit)