Information Travels Through EP (New 12")
$ 11.99

Condition: New

Label: Self Released

Release Date: 6/26/2020

Catalog #: AOM001

"The timing of these sounds being transmitted into the Universe came together at an extremely peculiar moment in our collective experience here on Earth. I'm not sure if any word or language we know can truly describe the energy of what's really happening right now, but I know we are striving to create the new, necessary dialogue to interpret it. We are working to create a new world.

Currently, the only way I know how to translate this feeling is based on how it excites my own spirit, internally. I really do trust my instinct at distinguishing whether or not these feelings are negative or positive, knowing that it is guidance from a force beyond me. I believe it's from my Ancestors, and from the Universe itself. An internal compass that is seeking harmony and peace, with roots. This music is the beginning of an honest interpretation of who I am, without the context of being a colonized body living in The United States during the 21st Century.

A lot of the perspective has changed for us in the world, but most of the ugly foundations have remained the same. The genocide committed against all people with African blood has remained the same. All colonized people have been living in strenuous environments that have remained the same for countless generations. The narrative and the structure of "who we are supposed to be" in the colonizers vision has remained the same.

So this is me creating my own context, beyond the one painted for us on Earth. Beyond just the music, and the record. It is a spiritual war going on. Mentally. Physically.

Right now, in 2020, because we STILL exist within a system founded off of land and body theft from Africa, and all colonized lands, this work is dedicated to all my fellow soldiers. It is for all children of the Diaspora. We will always move together."

Thank you.

- A. Omar Meftah