Bons Momentos (New 12")
$ 28.99

Condition: New

Label: Time Capsule

Release Date: 2020

Catalog #: TC006

Inspired equally by the soul and funk of the Black Rio movement and the samba rock innovations, Serginho Meriti’s debut album presents one of the best examples of funky Brazilian soul from 1981.

Brazil’s Black Rio movement had a lasting impact on the country’s marginalised black youth. Inspired by the African-American Civil Rights Movement and the revolutionary, politically conscious soul and funk being produced by the likes of James Brown, Curtis Mayfield, Gil Scott Heron, Billy Paul and Nina Simone, a new scene began to incubate in Rio’s poor and oft-neglected North Zone – one which put black culture front and centre. At bailes funk (funk balls) revellers proudly sported afros and danced to their own beat while artists such as Banda Black Rio, Trio Ternura, Tim Maia and Emilio Santiago subverted officially-sanctioned Brazilian styles by fusing elements of imported soul, funk and jazz with samba rhythms to create a new form of music they could call their own.