Bjørn Torske / Prins Thomas Remixes (New 12")
$ 12.99

Condition: New

Label: Smalltown Supersound

Release Date: 1/17/20

Catalog #: STS358

Japanese artist Yoshinori Hayashi released a remix EP on the Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound in January with two tracks from his debut album Ambivalence . While the originals tend to move in ambient realms, Prins Thomas and Bjorn Torske with their remix versions provide a danceable house sound.

Hayashi's classical music education with the avant-garde composer Mica Nozawa also comes into play in Prins Thomas' remix of "0208". With a dubby bass line, Thomas builds a common thread that runs evenly through the entire track. The original piece is converted into a background soundscape and paints the bassline with elements of classical instrumental music and synthesizer sounds. A perfect interplay of romance and groovy drums!